Why Should You Buy An Agario Skin?

Why Should You Buy An Agario Skin?

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on the worldwide server, or your own agario private server, if your goal is to top the leaderboard, then you should seriously consider buying your very own, custom made agario skins.With hundreds (if not thousands) of free agario skins on the internet, you’ll probably ask why would anyone in their right mind pay for a custom skin? This is no surprise because I, too, had that same response when a friend, whom I consider as a master agario player gave me this tip. I told him, “just search in Google, you’ll find the thousands of skins for Agario, it’s so easy, and it’s free!” What he said next knocked me back to my senses, “if you can find those skins as easy as a press of a button, others can, too. And if they can find it, then they can use it”.

Do you know?

How many people are playing agario online? As of last estimate, there are about 10 million players of the game – so many that the developers had to limit players per server in order to limit bandwidth usage and congestion. Now, I don’t think there are 10 million different agario skins available online. There is a big chance that in a single server, there would be one or two people who are using the same skin.In fact, this is very likely, I know, I have experienced it myself. I remember it clearly. I roaming agario as Earth, I was 5th on the leaderboard and was having the time of my life. I bigger blob was running after me, and since I have become so sluggish because of my huge size, I was having a hard time running away. Another huge blob is blocking my path of exit, and so I have decided to split myself into two so I can gain speed, and what do you know, there are now three earths on the board, and I don’t know which two was mine. Needless to say, I got eaten and my room was in a mess minutes after.I’m sure you can imagine how frustrated I was with what happened. In fact, just remembering that day, I still feel the urge to throw things around just to get the frustration out of my system.

But then again, there’s no one else to blame but myself – if only I purchased a custom agario skins when my friend, the master player told me to. Because a lot of people are like me, they are likely to use the free resources online, very few would actually spend money on skins. Hence, it also means that there are very few people who will use the skin I have chosen. Or one can go a level higher – you can pay a designer to create a skin, just for you!.I can say I’m a moderately good player of agario, hence, I purchased a moderately expensive skin – around 1190 to 2950 worth of coins. I am now star ball in all the games – a rare skin that so far, I haven’t met anyone who used it. When I reach the leaderboard five times, I think I’ll switch to a more pricey (and hence, more rare) skin, and then perhaps in a few months, I’ll be having my very own design! Who knows? With agario skins, there are so many possibilities.




How to Start Using Agar.io on a Private Server

How to Start Using Agar.io on a Private Server

A Private server is a machine or virtual machine that is secretly administered. As servers need satisfactory web association, control and can be noisy, they are frequently situated in a collocation focus. Servers are accessible in the market as the same way laptops or desktops are accessible and can be acquired by individuals.

Ordinary desktop PCs are not appropriate to house in collocation focuses as servers have particular frame calculated that permits them to fit numerous servers into a standard rack. This gathering likewise incorporates hand crafted trial servers, made by specialists. Virtual servers additionally offer high level of opportunity, superuser access and minimal effort benefit.

The benefits of playing agar.io on a private server are that you can compete with your friends, you can ask them to join your private server and then play along with them.

There are a numerous ways to set up a private server for Agar.io The simplest one is mentioned below.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

Download Ogario and Nodejs.

Ogario link: https://github.com/OgarProject/Ogar

Nodejs link: Nodejs.org

Open CMD and type:
npm install ws

Then run Start.bat in the src folder.


Server command list

Addbot: Adds a cell to the server.
Example: Addbot

Board: Sets the scoreboard text .
Example: Board My server

Boardreset: Resets the scoreboard text.
Example: Boardreset

Change: Changes specified settings, usually the ip and/or port .

Example1: change ip
Example2: change port 00000

Clear: Clears the text in the console just like cls from batch coding.
Example: Clear

Color: Sets a cell’s color by their ID.
Example: color 1 4

Exit: Stops the server.
Example: exit

Food: Spawns food at the give coordinates.
Example: food 0 0

Gamemode: Changes the server game mode.
Example: gamemode 20

Kick: Kick a player or cell from the server by their ID.
Example: kick 1

Kill: Kills a cell by their ID.
Example: kill 1

Killall: Kills everyone on the server.
Example: killall

Mass: Sets a cells mass by their ID.
Example: mass 1 4000

Name: Changes a cell’s name by their ID.
Example: name 1 Bob

Playerlist: Displays a list of players and bots and their statuses on your server in the console.
Example: playerlist

Pause: Pause the game and freezes all cells on the server
Example: pause

Reload: Reloads the server config .
Example: reload

Status: Displays the server’s status in the console.
Example: status

Tp: Teleports a player or cell by their ID to the given coordinates.
Example: tp 1 0 0

Virus: Spawns a virus at the given coordinates.
Example: virus 0 0

Being on a private server gives you a chance to compete with your friends but if you want to brush up your skills, you should play on the public server. And once, you’re a pro, set up a private server and the challenge your friends to a game!

Play Nonstop Online Games through Agario Private Server with Agario Skins

The brainchild of Matheus Valadares has become the most popular online game since its birth. The Agar.io is an action game. It requires multiple players to be present on a map-like platform. The agar is a substance that is necessary to culture bacteria. Hence, on the Petri-Dish of Agar.io you will become a tiny blob of bacterium trying to avoid fierce attacks of bigger blobs. This Internet game allows you to dress in multiple Agario skins. You need to follow some basic rules to play this game on any browser, Android-based phone or iPhone.

Accessing Agar.io

You need to type in the web address ‘Agar.io’ to access the official website. It is easy to access it through Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • You need to choose a user-name before its starts. You will land on a gridded platform after logging in.
  • A tiny blob will declare your presence. You will also find other players as blobs of different sizes and appearances.
  • You may choose Agario skins to change your appearance before you start the game.

Basic Strategy

Agar.io game follows a simple strategy – keep eating and save yourself from being eaten.

  • You will notice the size of your blob to increase with the ingestion of small pellets. You will find these pellets to be scattered around the platform.
  • You also need to use the mouse to escape the attacks of bigger blobs. If any bigger blob swallows you, it will be a Game-Over.
  • You may also swallow the smaller blobs as you grow bigger; though, bigger blobs need to avoid viruses.

Virus Protection & Attacks

The Viruses present on the grids will protect you from the attacks of bigger blobs when you are small.

  • If a bigger blob is on hot pursuit, you need to take shelter behind a giant virus.
  • This friendly virus will become your enemy once you start getting bigger. One collision with the virus will split your blob in two smaller pieces and you will once again become a tiny blob.
  • You may also use the splitting power of virus to attack an opponent blob. You need to press the ‘W’ key seven times to shoot the virus toward this blob. You will witness your opponent to be split in half after the attack.

Speed Increment

The bigger size has its advantage and disadvantages. Your speed will slow down once you get gigantic.

  • At this stage, you need to plan a suicide attack. You need to collide with a virus and let it split you in half.
  • Your speed will increase immediately after this reduction.
  • You may start devouring the nearby smaller blogs and start increasing your points.


You need to choose an Agario private server to access the game through a browser. The loss of connection to this server is the worst thing that may happen to you during the game. You may lose your points. Some troubleshooting tips may help you save these points.

  • You should not close the tab at first. You need to refresh the browser to salvage the connection.
  • If the refreshing does not work, you need to connect to another website through a new tab.

Choose Sensational Agario Skins on Any Reputed Agario Private Server

Choose Sensational Agario Skins on Any Reputed Agario Private Server

The Agar.io has pleased the gamers of all ages around the world. Its simplistic features have delighted millions of gamers of different genres. This addictive game ships with some unique attributes. The availability of numerous Agario skins is one of those qualities. If you do not like being an ordinary blob, you may cover yourself with the skins of your choice. You need to enter an appropriate skin-name to change your appearance before the game.

Usefulness of Skins

The Agar.io skins will not only help you look unique. They will also help you recognize your team members. These skins are equally essential to you as a team-player or single player. The skins may not gift you any additional advantage; though, it is funnier to run around as an avatar.

Astronomic Skins

If you are in love with astronomic elements, you will find many astronomic skins on Agar.io. The few options available in this category are worthy enough to poke your interest. If you like vibrant colors, you may choose the green-blue skin of Earth or red-orange skin of Mars. The ash-colored skin of Moon with black holes may also be an interesting choice.

Patriotic Skins


If you like to represent your nationality, you may choose the patriotic skins to play on Agar.io. There are numerous flag-based skins available in the ‘Countries and States’ category. These flags will not only let you represent your country. You may also find the flag representing your state.

Belief-Based Skins

If you strongly believe in any ideology, Agar.io will let you represent your beliefs on its platform. Some skins may represent controversial beliefs such as Nazi, USSR, Satanist Confederate, Tsarist Russia or Qing Dynasty. These skins may paint you negatively or positively in front of other gamers. You need to be careful during the selection of these skins. You may even choose to represent less controversial beliefs such as Matriarchy, Patriarchy or Feminism.

Social Media Skins


You may like these Agario skins if you love socializing on popular networking platforms. In this category, you will not only find the skins representing Facebook, Reddit or Tumblr. You will also find the skins with 4chan, 2ch.hk, 8ch and 9gag patterns. The Twitter skin is not yet available.

Artistic or Humorous Skins

If you have an artistic soul, you will like the skins with some character. You may find the sad feature of Wojak or dreamy look of Yaranaika to be interesting. If you are in favor of light humor, you will like memes. The cutesy Doge, nonchalant Pokerface, and alien-like Ayy Lmao are examples of funny memes.

Celebrity Skins


You may also choose from the wide variety of Celebrity skins to support the individuals you idolize. In this category, you will find the skins to represent some renowned political leaders, players and entertainers.

You need to wear these skins before you start playing on any Agario private server. These skins will certainly add more dynamism to your games. You will not be able to use any custom name. This is the only drawback of using pre-labeled skins on Agar.io.

Choose an Agario Private Server for Games with Customized Features & Agario Skins

Agar.io, the multiplayer action game, has ruled the world of Internet games since its birth. On this game, you will play as a cell on a Petri-dish. You will be able to eat smaller cells; though, you also need to save yourself from bigger cells. These cells will try to eat you. You need excellent hand–eye coordination and quick reaction time to stay alive on Agar.io. You need to connect to an Agario private server to start playing this game with exciting features.


This may not be an English-based server; its unique features have made it popular amongst the players.

  • This server has smaller map size. On this map, you will be able to move at a jet-speed. You will also be able to increase your split-speed. These features will let you become a pro at Agar.io.
  • Its gaming arena may be smaller. You will face fierce competition on its compact map. It will be a thrilling experience for you to play on this server with cut-throat rivalries.
  • It is difficult to build a team on this smaller server; though, you may find a team at number one and two.
  • You may find other servers to be extremely slow after playing at high-speed on this server. You may win easily on other servers at 25% slower speed and broader mapping.
  • The Game Modes on this server are – Rainbow, Fantasy, Global 18+, Normal, Zombie, Chat and Team.


You will also enjoy rapidity and long list of unique features on this private server. Lots of gamers access this server due to its unique game modes. Hence, team-building is easier on this server.

  • The speed and game modes are not the only appreciable qualities of Pitridish.pw. On this server, you will also find clans with customized Agario skins. These strikingly designed skins will turn your experience delightful when you are playing Agar.io.
  • You will not only be able to access a large list of cool skins. This website will also let you design your personal skin with donations. You will be able to run around in your favorite virtual attire.
  • This server will let you choose games from an extended list of interesting game modes. There is FFA for normal mode along with basic Experimental and Team modes. The unique modes are – Clanhouse, Hardcore, Hardcore experimental, Megasplit, Fast Food, Arena, Fatboy Arena, Deathmatch, Zombie, Black Hole, Virus Wars and Crazy FFA.


The two aforementioned servers are Turk and Russian based servers. On this Agario private server, you will find lots of English support.

  • You will find several gamers to access this server regularly. Hence, team building is easier on Agar.mobi.
  • The fantasy server of Agar.mobi is more interesting and exciting than its normal mode. On the fantasy mode, you will be able to combine your speed and increase the number of splits.
  • Its only drawback is a large number of ads. These ads may seem irksome during your game.
  • Its chief Game Modes are – Fantasy, Rainbow, Normal, Experimental, Zombie, Chat and 18+.

A Newbie’s Introduction To Agar.Io

A Newbie’s Introduction To Agar.io

If you like scrolling through your newsfeed in your free time, chances are you’ve already heard of this extensively popularity gaining game Agar.io. It is probably one of the simplest and most addictive time-killing game on the internet right now and is available on Android, iOS and even on the web. All you have to do is visit Agar.io, choose your nickname and start playing! If you haven’t yet played it, and don’t know how to start, well, don’t worry, we’ll have you covered!

What is Agar.io?

As mentioned above, Agar.io is a fairly simple, free, time-killing browser based game which can be found at http://agar.io. The game was created by a Steam user and has gained popularity majorly through word-of-mouth on social media grabbing the attention of many bigger communities. It was later on launched by Miniclip for Androids and iPhones.

How to play Agar.io?

Agar.io Skins

Agar.io Skins

So playing Agar.io is genuinely basic. You go to the web address Agar.io and select a nick name. When you select one you will arrive on a grid or board as a tiny colored blob. The object of the game is to consume the smaller pellets lying around to wind up distinctly bigger, while staying away from the extensive blobs that, on the off chance that they ingest you, GAME OVER!

When you begin getting sufficiently enormous you’ll really have the capacity to begin retaining other littler blob players out there all the time becoming bigger. So basically, eat and abstain from being eaten. The notorious rat race at its finest!

To control the diversion you simply need to utilize your mouse/track pad, the “w” key and the SPACEBAR. The mouse explores your blob around and the SPACEBAR permits you to part your cell(s) fifty-fifty and the “W” key permits you to launch mass for encouraging different players, infections or help you drop some weight to escape an intense detect (the smaller your blob is, the speedier it can move!)

Pro Tips

  1. Go for multi kills:

    Going for multi kills is the most ideal approach with regard to gainful agar.io splits. Simply sit tight for numerous cells to line up and strike at the correct time to get the most benefit from your splits, splitting yourself various times may be valuable in a few circumstances, however once again… Be safe!

  2.  Don’t underestimate other players:

    You may think you are great at agar.io, yet you’re certainly not by any means the only agar master around. It is therefore important to not underestimate your rivals, despite the fact that you have what it takes, your opponent may simply be as skilled at agar.io as you may be.

  3. Prepare for long games:

    Lastly you ought to get ready for the long agar.io games. A  single game can take up numerous hours, especially in case you’re an agar master. So, be prepared, be safe.