How to play Agario game?

Rules to play Agario Game

How Do You Play Agario?

So playing Agario is very simple. Firstly you have to visit web address and select a user name. Once you select username you will redirect on a grid as a tiny coloured blob. The aim of the game is to absorb the smaller pellets lying around to become bigger, while avoiding the larger blobs,if they absorb you, equal the GAME is OVER . Approach, Tips And Tricks


Agario Tips And Tricks 1: When you are small hide your blob behind viruses to save your blob from bigger blob.

When you are small, you will usually see the threatening bigger blobs coming near you to absorb your blob. If bigger blob comes near you and you thinks you cannot get away, but  a virus is nearby, that may be your best hope of survival. Larger blobs doesn’t like virus, because once a blob is bigger than the virus the virus can split the lager blob it into small pieces if they collides eachother. By covering your blob behind the virus, you will keep the bigger threatening blobs away from your small blob.


Agario Tips And Tricks 2: Use corners and edges for your convenience game space does have its limit and if you know where those are you can utilise them to trap your opponents. If you trap a smaller blob into the edge of the game, you will be able to easily absorb them.


AgarioTips And Tricks 3: Use viruses to split opponents

Viruses has capacity to split a larger blob into small pieces if they collides. If you have an opponent you are trying to take him down, feeding a virus could be advantageous for you. Just shoot by pressing the “w” key 7 times in the direction of the virus and when it encounters the blob you were tackling with it has the stamina to cut that fellow smaller to size.


AgarioTips And Tricks 4: When your blob is huge,It is a good idea to split your blob..!!

If your blob is bigger it will move slowly. If you are on the hunt for blobs and have grown large in size, it is a good idea to split your blob in order to move fast and eat small blobs nearby your blob.