Agario Skins: The Power Behind the Game

I used to play agario with a beautiful green blob. I remember how happy I was when I finally made it to number 5, after weeks and weeks of practice on my PC.  But those days are long gone. Today, I roam the agario board either as a cute and cuddly panda or a gangly pirate captain. Thanks to my adorable agario skins, players avoid me, because they want to see me grow into the beautiful skin that I am, or I am too scary and they feel overwhelmed. Whichever reason it is, I can say for certain that my skins help me reach my fullest potential every time I play.

From a rather drab interface, agario skins have transformed the game. Now my goal is not just to win the game, it has become: how big can I grow? As I eat more blobs, my skin is magnified, hence allowing me to see new features, new details in the skin I have chosen. My panda eye bags really stand out once I am in mid-game. From an adorable bear in the early stages, I become overwhelming in the late stages, and I just love the power it gives me. Whoever said form doesn’t matter, is seriously mistaken when it comes to the world of agario.


Skins help me feel even more connected with the game, hence ensuring that I come back again and again to play. In the same way, I get to know other players through their agario skins. See that Neptune skin?

That’s my friend Gabie from a few blocks away. We always play at the same time so we can team up and grow quicker. And oh, that huge Panther? That’s Mike, who helps us really solidify our defenceagainst bigger players. Through these skins, I know who’s playing on the boards, and we get to create our strategies without needing to talk. Cool huh?

If you, too, want to take advantage of agario skins there are several ways to do so. If you want to use the game’s built in skin, just change your name into the skin name, and your blob changes! For example, there’s to get the free lightning skin, or the name of your country to use your country’s flag. Some skin developers might ask you to install a browser extension before you can use their designs. But don’t worry, installation is so easy, you won’t break into sweat! Take note however, if you’re using the iOS version, some skins don’t work yet, but I’m sure these concerns will be fixed soon. At present Agario skins can be categorized into four: planets and objects from space, flags of countries, logos of websites and other themes. You can choose a different skin before you start a game, and the best part of it is that, it comes free! Reviews say that the most popular skin to date is Facebook, but really, with dozens of games being launched and millions of players on board, who can say for sure? What’s important is that with agario skins, you can now be unique and stand out from the crowd!

You in is one of the world’s prime leading multiplayer browser games online. It is a game of tactic, speed, luck and survival. With an eat or be eaten mechanics, it is so easy to play and it is so easy to be absorbed in it. You can even play and meet friends in it. No wonder whenever you open your private server it is filled with a lot of players chasing after your own blob!

This online multiplayer browser game does not just stop as a game to loose yourself in. With an idea of a blob, resembling that of a cell, going around eating other smaller blobs, allowing the blobs to grow in size as they eat other blobs, it also represents a somewhat scientifically accurate explanation on growth and development. Aside from that, with the amount of quick thinking and response that is required from us, this game does not just gives us something to do, but also something to improve our brain with! However, with just colors roaming around and eating each other, at some point, it can lose its charm and might even end up being boring. Then, of course, that will not happen!

Aside from big, and colorful blobs that roam around while they are dodging larger dots as they are eating other smaller dots, also offers skins. Now this is development. Just imagine, there is a finite set of colors out there. No matter how many combination of colors we make, we can have a doppelganger or even a triple-ganger playing with us at the same time. Will that not be confusing? On top of that, with a million players opening their private servers and playing every now and then, it is quite difficult to see where you are and most especially, where you are heading to or who you are heading to. But with agario.skins, we can now be truly infinte. Instead of just giant colorful blobs chasing one another, we are now given the option to be a country, an iconic secret agent (Yeah baby!), a historical figure, a state, an intergalactic rock, a cute penguin, the eye of Sauron,Fin or Jake, a mythical creature, a beloved Simpson, the 9gag, and many more! Now we can see the eye of Sauron taking over Neptune. Or maybe Homer Simpson taking over the world! Now that is exciting.

With many options that is offering, it is very easy to spot our own blob while we think of our next move. With this new option, it is also very easy to spot our next target. skins are regularly updated, so, you can be sure that there are only a few to no doubles or copies of your blob out there. We can now enjoy as an individual, as a nation, as an inconic character, as an imaginary being, or even as another world taking over other worlds and not just as a blob dominating over other blobs. So let’s play! Are you game?

Why Use Agario Skins?

Named as one of the most popular mobile games in 2015, Agario continues to be a favourite among players up to this day. The game’s goal is simple: be the biggest blob in the game by consuming other blobs. Easy, right?

Not exactly. My problem in playing is that all the blobs look alike. Sure, my blob could have a different color, but it can be very difficult to keep track which one is mine if I’m moving so fast, or if I split myself into smaller parts. This shouldn’t be a real trouble if you play only on agario private server with a couple of your friends, but not so on the worldwide server!

Did you know that you could be playing against hundreds of different players at any given time if you play on a public server? Imagine if you were trying to execute the split and attack move and then another player with the same color comes near – you might think this blob was yours, and ignore it, only to realize that one of your blobs has already been eaten. The agony, the pain!

This is why I highly recommend the use of Agario skins. With just a glance, you can spot your blobs with no trouble. You can even keep track of them from the corner of your eye!

I know hundreds of players use the split tool as a strategy. You can split fire half of your mass and devour a smaller blob travelling at high speed. You can also use it to flee from much larger opponents. It is a useful tool, but also a risky one. Because splitting divides your blob into two, it makes you vulnerable to bigger cells. Moreover, you don’t merge immediately after a split, so you need to know where all your blobs are until your pieces merge back again. This is where agario skins are most useful. By making your blob stand out, you can eat twice as many blobs, and still keep your defence. You can choose to put your parts nearby each other, or move farther away to get the most number of food you can, without worrying of getting lost in the crowd.

Another thing I like about Agario skins is that it adds bling to an otherwise bland game interface. I love seeing my eight ball moving around the game, devouring small red, blue, yellow and pink dots, making me feel a sense of accomplishment every time I add to my mass. The skins really help me really relate to the game, hence heightening my excitement.

Perhaps the best part about agario skins is that there are so many different designs to choose from! In a way, the skins allow you to express yourself. Whatever your other interests are, you can easily show it through the skins! Some people choose to make their own skins (there are dozens of guides online on how to do this), but if you’re like me who simply wants to be unique, then there you’ll probably be able to find a built-in skin that’ll fit your needs.