Most Popular Game Skins

Everybody heard about game.It is one of the best time-pass game for game lovers right now.In this article we provide you most popular skins right now and try to make your game more enjoyable.Check it out-

Steps to install these skins-


1- First of all download and install Skins extensions for google chrome.

2- COPY skin name into your clipboard and open game in your browser.

3- PASTE the content of your clipboard into field nick. and open game in your browser.


Why Should You Buy An Agario Skin?

Why Should You Buy An Agario Skin?

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on the worldwide server, or your own agario private server, if your goal is to top the leaderboard, then you should seriously consider buying your very own, custom made agario skins.With hundreds (if not thousands) of free agario skins on the internet, you’ll probably ask why would anyone in their right mind pay for a custom skin? This is no surprise because I, too, had that same response when a friend, whom I consider as a master agario player gave me this tip. I told him, “just search in Google, you’ll find the thousands of skins for Agario, it’s so easy, and it’s free!” What he said next knocked me back to my senses, “if you can find those skins as easy as a press of a button, others can, too. And if they can find it, then they can use it”.

Do you know?

How many people are playing agario online? As of last estimate, there are about 10 million players of the game – so many that the developers had to limit players per server in order to limit bandwidth usage and congestion. Now, I don’t think there are 10 million different agario skins available online. There is a big chance that in a single server, there would be one or two people who are using the same skin.In fact, this is very likely, I know, I have experienced it myself. I remember it clearly. I roaming agario as Earth, I was 5th on the leaderboard and was having the time of my life. I bigger blob was running after me, and since I have become so sluggish because of my huge size, I was having a hard time running away. Another huge blob is blocking my path of exit, and so I have decided to split myself into two so I can gain speed, and what do you know, there are now three earths on the board, and I don’t know which two was mine. Needless to say, I got eaten and my room was in a mess minutes after.I’m sure you can imagine how frustrated I was with what happened. In fact, just remembering that day, I still feel the urge to throw things around just to get the frustration out of my system.

But then again, there’s no one else to blame but myself – if only I purchased a custom agario skins when my friend, the master player told me to. Because a lot of people are like me, they are likely to use the free resources online, very few would actually spend money on skins. Hence, it also means that there are very few people who will use the skin I have chosen. Or one can go a level higher – you can pay a designer to create a skin, just for you!.I can say I’m a moderately good player of agario, hence, I purchased a moderately expensive skin – around 1190 to 2950 worth of coins. I am now star ball in all the games – a rare skin that so far, I haven’t met anyone who used it. When I reach the leaderboard five times, I think I’ll switch to a more pricey (and hence, more rare) skin, and then perhaps in a few months, I’ll be having my very own design! Who knows? With agario skins, there are so many possibilities.




Using Skins like a BOSS!, this simple yet addictive game has grabbed the attention of every social media addict. Its addiction is growing more and more with days passing, and players always try to beat each other and show off their cool skills, though, you can hardly get bored of it, but, to make it more exciting also give options to customise the skin of your blob. You can choose from a variety of available skins.

Skins in the game change the background of your blob to a specific image, depending on which skin you choose. To use a skin on Agario, you should include the name of your blob to a specific expression before you enter and play the game. For the individuals who don’t wish to use a plain shading blob while playing, you can use a skin. Skins add character to your blob, and keep the game interesting. skins have no effect on your diversion play, albeit a few players in the game may particularly target players with a specific skin.

Remember that you won’t be able to use a custom name while playing the game if you choose to use a skin name. If you play on an private server, it might likewise have skins on it, however they are not official.

Here’s an example of an skin:

If you want to use the skin earth, then you will need to name your character “earth”, and your in-game character will look like this:

Using skins is a fair way to show your support for a certain cause or a particular personality or your own country. The queen and the British flag are quite popular in the United Kingdom, while the Trump skin rules the roost in the US. Other popular options that you can go for are your favourite soccer teams and celebrities.

There are also ways to make your own customised skins. There are numerous sites available on the web which allow you to make your own customised skin while playing Agario, and they are just a Google search away. On a private server, you can customise your blobs’ skin in more convenient ways.

Some people may like to use skins while playing the game because of the way they look, but others may not use a skin in order to use their own name. So, it’s up to you! Happy Agarioing!!



Choose Sensational Agario Skins on Any Reputed Agario Private Server

Choose Sensational Agario Skins on Any Reputed Agario Private Server

The has pleased the gamers of all ages around the world. Its simplistic features have delighted millions of gamers of different genres. This addictive game ships with some unique attributes. The availability of numerous Agario skins is one of those qualities. If you do not like being an ordinary blob, you may cover yourself with the skins of your choice. You need to enter an appropriate skin-name to change your appearance before the game.

Usefulness of Skins

The skins will not only help you look unique. They will also help you recognize your team members. These skins are equally essential to you as a team-player or single player. The skins may not gift you any additional advantage; though, it is funnier to run around as an avatar.

Astronomic Skins

If you are in love with astronomic elements, you will find many astronomic skins on The few options available in this category are worthy enough to poke your interest. If you like vibrant colors, you may choose the green-blue skin of Earth or red-orange skin of Mars. The ash-colored skin of Moon with black holes may also be an interesting choice.

Patriotic Skins


If you like to represent your nationality, you may choose the patriotic skins to play on There are numerous flag-based skins available in the ‘Countries and States’ category. These flags will not only let you represent your country. You may also find the flag representing your state.

Belief-Based Skins

If you strongly believe in any ideology, will let you represent your beliefs on its platform. Some skins may represent controversial beliefs such as Nazi, USSR, Satanist Confederate, Tsarist Russia or Qing Dynasty. These skins may paint you negatively or positively in front of other gamers. You need to be careful during the selection of these skins. You may even choose to represent less controversial beliefs such as Matriarchy, Patriarchy or Feminism.

Social Media Skins


You may like these Agario skins if you love socializing on popular networking platforms. In this category, you will not only find the skins representing Facebook, Reddit or Tumblr. You will also find the skins with 4chan,, 8ch and 9gag patterns. The Twitter skin is not yet available.

Artistic or Humorous Skins

If you have an artistic soul, you will like the skins with some character. You may find the sad feature of Wojak or dreamy look of Yaranaika to be interesting. If you are in favor of light humor, you will like memes. The cutesy Doge, nonchalant Pokerface, and alien-like Ayy Lmao are examples of funny memes.

Celebrity Skins


You may also choose from the wide variety of Celebrity skins to support the individuals you idolize. In this category, you will find the skins to represent some renowned political leaders, players and entertainers.

You need to wear these skins before you start playing on any Agario private server. These skins will certainly add more dynamism to your games. You will not be able to use any custom name. This is the only drawback of using pre-labeled skins on

A Newbie’s Introduction To Agar.Io

A Newbie’s Introduction To

If you like scrolling through your newsfeed in your free time, chances are you’ve already heard of this extensively popularity gaining game It is probably one of the simplest and most addictive time-killing game on the internet right now and is available on Android, iOS and even on the web. All you have to do is visit, choose your nickname and start playing! If you haven’t yet played it, and don’t know how to start, well, don’t worry, we’ll have you covered!

What is

As mentioned above, is a fairly simple, free, time-killing browser based game which can be found at The game was created by a Steam user and has gained popularity majorly through word-of-mouth on social media grabbing the attention of many bigger communities. It was later on launched by Miniclip for Androids and iPhones.

How to play Skins Skins

So playing is genuinely basic. You go to the web address and select a nick name. When you select one you will arrive on a grid or board as a tiny colored blob. The object of the game is to consume the smaller pellets lying around to wind up distinctly bigger, while staying away from the extensive blobs that, on the off chance that they ingest you, GAME OVER!

When you begin getting sufficiently enormous you’ll really have the capacity to begin retaining other littler blob players out there all the time becoming bigger. So basically, eat and abstain from being eaten. The notorious rat race at its finest!

To control the diversion you simply need to utilize your mouse/track pad, the “w” key and the SPACEBAR. The mouse explores your blob around and the SPACEBAR permits you to part your cell(s) fifty-fifty and the “W” key permits you to launch mass for encouraging different players, infections or help you drop some weight to escape an intense detect (the smaller your blob is, the speedier it can move!)

Pro Tips

  1. Go for multi kills:

    Going for multi kills is the most ideal approach with regard to gainful splits. Simply sit tight for numerous cells to line up and strike at the correct time to get the most benefit from your splits, splitting yourself various times may be valuable in a few circumstances, however once again… Be safe!

  2.  Don’t underestimate other players:

    You may think you are great at, yet you’re certainly not by any means the only agar master around. It is therefore important to not underestimate your rivals, despite the fact that you have what it takes, your opponent may simply be as skilled at as you may be.

  3. Prepare for long games:

    Lastly you ought to get ready for the long games. A  single game can take up numerous hours, especially in case you’re an agar master. So, be prepared, be safe.


Agario Skins: The Power Behind the Game

I used to play agario with a beautiful green blob. I remember how happy I was when I finally made it to number 5, after weeks and weeks of practice on my PC.  But those days are long gone. Today, I roam the agario board either as a cute and cuddly panda or a gangly pirate captain. Thanks to my adorable agario skins, players avoid me, because they want to see me grow into the beautiful skin that I am, or I am too scary and they feel overwhelmed. Whichever reason it is, I can say for certain that my skins help me reach my fullest potential every time I play.

From a rather drab interface, agario skins have transformed the game. Now my goal is not just to win the game, it has become: how big can I grow? As I eat more blobs, my skin is magnified, hence allowing me to see new features, new details in the skin I have chosen. My panda eye bags really stand out once I am in mid-game. From an adorable bear in the early stages, I become overwhelming in the late stages, and I just love the power it gives me. Whoever said form doesn’t matter, is seriously mistaken when it comes to the world of agario.


Skins help me feel even more connected with the game, hence ensuring that I come back again and again to play. In the same way, I get to know other players through their agario skins. See that Neptune skin?

That’s my friend Gabie from a few blocks away. We always play at the same time so we can team up and grow quicker. And oh, that huge Panther? That’s Mike, who helps us really solidify our defenceagainst bigger players. Through these skins, I know who’s playing on the boards, and we get to create our strategies without needing to talk. Cool huh?

If you, too, want to take advantage of agario skins there are several ways to do so. If you want to use the game’s built in skin, just change your name into the skin name, and your blob changes! For example, there’s to get the free lightning skin, or the name of your country to use your country’s flag. Some skin developers might ask you to install a browser extension before you can use their designs. But don’t worry, installation is so easy, you won’t break into sweat! Take note however, if you’re using the iOS version, some skins don’t work yet, but I’m sure these concerns will be fixed soon. At present Agario skins can be categorized into four: planets and objects from space, flags of countries, logos of websites and other themes. You can choose a different skin before you start a game, and the best part of it is that, it comes free! Reviews say that the most popular skin to date is Facebook, but really, with dozens of games being launched and millions of players on board, who can say for sure? What’s important is that with agario skins, you can now be unique and stand out from the crowd!

You in is one of the world’s prime leading multiplayer browser games online. It is a game of tactic, speed, luck and survival. With an eat or be eaten mechanics, it is so easy to play and it is so easy to be absorbed in it. You can even play and meet friends in it. No wonder whenever you open your private server it is filled with a lot of players chasing after your own blob!

This online multiplayer browser game does not just stop as a game to loose yourself in. With an idea of a blob, resembling that of a cell, going around eating other smaller blobs, allowing the blobs to grow in size as they eat other blobs, it also represents a somewhat scientifically accurate explanation on growth and development. Aside from that, with the amount of quick thinking and response that is required from us, this game does not just gives us something to do, but also something to improve our brain with! However, with just colors roaming around and eating each other, at some point, it can lose its charm and might even end up being boring. Then, of course, that will not happen!

Aside from big, and colorful blobs that roam around while they are dodging larger dots as they are eating other smaller dots, also offers skins. Now this is development. Just imagine, there is a finite set of colors out there. No matter how many combination of colors we make, we can have a doppelganger or even a triple-ganger playing with us at the same time. Will that not be confusing? On top of that, with a million players opening their private servers and playing every now and then, it is quite difficult to see where you are and most especially, where you are heading to or who you are heading to. But with agario.skins, we can now be truly infinte. Instead of just giant colorful blobs chasing one another, we are now given the option to be a country, an iconic secret agent (Yeah baby!), a historical figure, a state, an intergalactic rock, a cute penguin, the eye of Sauron,Fin or Jake, a mythical creature, a beloved Simpson, the 9gag, and many more! Now we can see the eye of Sauron taking over Neptune. Or maybe Homer Simpson taking over the world! Now that is exciting.

With many options that is offering, it is very easy to spot our own blob while we think of our next move. With this new option, it is also very easy to spot our next target. skins are regularly updated, so, you can be sure that there are only a few to no doubles or copies of your blob out there. We can now enjoy as an individual, as a nation, as an inconic character, as an imaginary being, or even as another world taking over other worlds and not just as a blob dominating over other blobs. So let’s play! Are you game?

Why Use Agario Skins?

Named as one of the most popular mobile games in 2015, Agario continues to be a favourite among players up to this day. The game’s goal is simple: be the biggest blob in the game by consuming other blobs. Easy, right?

Not exactly. My problem in playing is that all the blobs look alike. Sure, my blob could have a different color, but it can be very difficult to keep track which one is mine if I’m moving so fast, or if I split myself into smaller parts. This shouldn’t be a real trouble if you play only on agario private server with a couple of your friends, but not so on the worldwide server!

Did you know that you could be playing against hundreds of different players at any given time if you play on a public server? Imagine if you were trying to execute the split and attack move and then another player with the same color comes near – you might think this blob was yours, and ignore it, only to realize that one of your blobs has already been eaten. The agony, the pain!

This is why I highly recommend the use of Agario skins. With just a glance, you can spot your blobs with no trouble. You can even keep track of them from the corner of your eye!

I know hundreds of players use the split tool as a strategy. You can split fire half of your mass and devour a smaller blob travelling at high speed. You can also use it to flee from much larger opponents. It is a useful tool, but also a risky one. Because splitting divides your blob into two, it makes you vulnerable to bigger cells. Moreover, you don’t merge immediately after a split, so you need to know where all your blobs are until your pieces merge back again. This is where agario skins are most useful. By making your blob stand out, you can eat twice as many blobs, and still keep your defence. You can choose to put your parts nearby each other, or move farther away to get the most number of food you can, without worrying of getting lost in the crowd.

Another thing I like about Agario skins is that it adds bling to an otherwise bland game interface. I love seeing my eight ball moving around the game, devouring small red, blue, yellow and pink dots, making me feel a sense of accomplishment every time I add to my mass. The skins really help me really relate to the game, hence heightening my excitement.

Perhaps the best part about agario skins is that there are so many different designs to choose from! In a way, the skins allow you to express yourself. Whatever your other interests are, you can easily show it through the skins! Some people choose to make their own skins (there are dozens of guides online on how to do this), but if you’re like me who simply wants to be unique, then there you’ll probably be able to find a built-in skin that’ll fit your needs.