New Custom Skins

New Custom Agario Skins developed by it Out Avatar Bean Bheem Che-Raka Halloween Death Jian Mighty Raju Pirate Rhino Sin-Chen.

New Custom Skins

Custom Skins Avatar:

Avatar is new custom agario skin developed by . For avatar agario new custom skin ,please refer to the first agario skins on the above list of custom agario skins.



Custom Skins Bheem:

Bheem is new custom agario skin developed by . For Bean agario new custom skin ,please refer to the first row second agario skins on the above list of custom agario skins.



Custom Skins Bean:



Bean is new custom agario skin developed by . For Bean agario new custom skin ,please refer to the first row third agario skins on the above list of custom agario skins.

Custom Skins Rhino:

Rhino is new custom agario skin developed by . For Rhino agario new custom skin ,please refer to the list of custom agario skins above or you can download the new custom agario skins of Rhino below:



Custom Skins Pirate:

Pirate is another new custom agario skin developed by . For Pirate agario new custom skin ,please refer to the list of custom agario skins above or you can download the new custom agario skins of Pirate below:



Custom Skins Halloween Death:

Halloween Death is new custom agario skin developed by . For Halloween Death agario new custom skin ,please refer to the list of custom agario skins above or you can download the new custom agario skins of Halloween death below:


Halloween Death

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Thank you .. Enjoy – Latest Update APK 1.7.1 APK 1.7.1 is now available at play store those who not updated their game app yet visit play store and update your app to enjoy a better version of an game. In the latest version of, the bugs are fixed which are creating problems in the previous versions. Fixing the bugs improved the performance of the game. So, keep enjoying game APK 1.7.1(Latest Version) Features


-Faster matchmaking in charge way

-Bugs are fixed and game performance is improved Latest Version APK 1.7.1 Reviews


Overall the latest version is better but very rages generating in the game. I think intermittently, I have a little stroke while playing the game. Game Controls Game Controls

Expansion -The player cell takes place after the player cursor. On the off-chance that the player breaks their blob into various cells, all cells will in any case move toward cursor. Since the player cells can vary in mass, and smaller cells move faster, the player will make separation between their cells in the event that they position their cursor before a smaller cell. Part cells will be drawn simultaneously if the player cursor is set in the middle of them.

Break – By pressing the space bar the player can break their cell into two smaller cells. One cell will remain break cell and the other will extend towards the cursor.

Blitz – The player may launch mass by pressing ”W” key. This can be utilized to sustain infections, united cells, or you can even inspire yourself in case you are part into different cells. Just 89.5% of the mass lost is resist, making efficient assistance additionally difficult as mass trades are disorganized.

Zooming in – By looking up (mywheelup) the camera will zoom in.

Change Settings – During the game play, hit “Escape” button. By hitting “esc” you are able to customize your game settings.

How to Change Settings of the Game during

What should you do if you forget to change game settings before start playing Agario.


You don’t like to play game without seeing how much mass your blob have. How can you break your blob and want to start play from beginning?

You want to change these options during gameplay. But you cannot able to do so. Doesn’t worry game offer us these options. Thanks to

During the game play, press “Escape” button. Now you are able to change settings. This is one of the best features agario offers which make game more reliable to play. You can continue with new settings. No SkinNo ColoursEtc. Can you believe this you don’t need to serve yourself to someone for these? Thanks Agario admins they are always ultra-modern.

Keep enjoying agario game.

Potions are available on iOS Devices and Android Devices for

We have got a new feature to the mobile version of that gives players a new way to earn points. Potions offer a new inspiring layer to in many ways for to gamers to enjoy the game.

What are Potions?

Potions are vessel of secrecy prizes, and you won’t know what is inside the box until you open it. They contain all kinds of decent prizes, like coin, trophy etc.

Potions Types

There are two types of potions first one is Free Potions which can be earned during the game played. These can be set to start to develop as soon as you get them, and once developed, you are able to open potion and watch it what is inside it. You will get many free potions just by login the game and by playing every day. Other potion is Premium Potions; you have to pay some money to get them. Premium potions carry more items in comparison to free. Potions are available on the mobile version of! Download the game now on Android devices and iOS devices.

Exclusive Skins Types

Exclusive skins are of two types, one is regular one and other is special one. Regular skins need 5 pieces to complete, while a special skin requires 10 to complete. Try to collect all the pieces and the skin is yours.

How do you personalize your Blob?


If you have played or seen anybody playing, you have observed that other players moving around posture images of some of the internet most absurd memes. From Doge (an internet meme that specify to dogs in common and often one popular rescue dog in particular) to the Steam icon, to all manner of online disparage and, curiously, a predominance of national flags, the game is full of in-jokes and internet hilarity. So, in what way you can change your blob skin? There is simple method to change your blob name. For Example– Just Call yourself (i.e. Blob) Earth will change your skin (blob) into an image of the Earth. Doge will change your skin into an image of a dog. Some other options include: countries such as Canada, America and Russia; websites including Reddit, 4chan, 8ch and Facebook; brands such as Nike; and even world leaders such as Modi, Obama, Putin and Donald Triumph. Cheat Cheat

Memorize Location of Viruses: Try to remember in what location viruses are present so you can hide your blob around them.

Reproducing Area: Keep focus on feeding dots and detect where they reproduce mostly. With chance your blob will be big and fast enough to fed smaller blobs that reproduce in the same spot, as they just arrive in agario game. The agario game usually makes player appear far enough from others so they have time to move.

Pay Attentions On Other Players: Now pay attention on the other players present around you. Let’s say you are at 200 mass, if they are about half bigger than you, do not split. That’s what they were waiting for. Your small blob will make you defenceless and they will try to feed you.


Stealing Dots: Small blob is faster than in comparison to bigger blob. Take that advantage by going in front of bigger blob and try to steal the dots that he was thinking of to be fed. In those circumstances he won’t have any chance of getting big enough to feed you. Please don’t do that if he can feed you.

Important Tip: Last but not the least tip about being small “Do Not Follow”. All you are doing is taking a risk of being feed. It is pleasing to feed multiple players, even though it not worth it.You are being a oppressor, might be making an enemy there and the one in front is stealing dots, while you are get nothing at all. If you are the one leading, do follow them while being in front. Observe your mass to see whether you are big enough to feed your victim. If you are not so big leave it. This tip does not work once you cross over 200 mass.

How to insert own skins in or Agario game?

How to insert own skins in or Agario game?

Alas, there is no probability to integrate complete custom skins in Agario. You can submit your own creative presentation at reddit and so give developer an stimulus to insert your own skin in the agario game. Thus, the image can be place in the agario game; some conditions must be followed-

  • The image of the skins must (compulsory) have 512 pixels x 512 pixels in size.
  • The image should be hand drawn and follows the already available agario skins.
  • Select a proper name.
  • The skins should image on are hosted.
  • Beseech will not help.

On the other hand, some agario game extension like “” will permits you to place your own skins in agario game. But the problem with it is that only others people with that extension installed (agariomod extension) can see it.


General Tips and

Normal tips

  • Do not try to “w” viruses. It is hardly worth it. In spite of, abuse people being splitted by it.
  • When being 200+ cells you can waste some “w” to try making coadjutor. If you have a skin, it is often with people with the same skin that it will work. If the other person gives it back to you, you help each other. The more useful is when you are split by a virus you can suicide little pieces to your partner and he/she will hopefully give it back to you after.


  • How to start?

    • Keep focus on the dots.
    • You will often die when you are little; try to obtain a reasonable size before splitting for other cells with space.


    What about the mid game?

    You are now at 250-300 here are some tips:

    • If you have your blob in one piece try to catch little blob with space to be fed faster.
    • Try not to have more than two blob, you will be way more unsafe.
    • The most likely way to become big is to eat big cell that got split too much. A little tip which help you a lot when you get trapped by one bigger cell near the border is to fake going in one direction for 0.5s then going in the other way. The bigger cell is slower in comparison to your blob. You need to take benefit of it.


    When you are in the peak?

    • Frequently you will press space when there are a group of mid-size blob fighting to destroy a bigger cell.
    • Really be careful with the viruses, they are your worst enemy. If you get hit by one, try to safe little pieces with the big ones.