is one of the world’s prime leading multiplayer browser games online. It is a game of tactic, speed, luck and survival. With an eat or be eaten mechanics, it is so easy to play and it is so easy to be absorbed in it. You can even play and meet friends in it. No wonder whenever you open your private server it is filled with a lot of players chasing after your own blob!

This online multiplayer browser game does not just stop as a game to loose yourself in. With an idea of a blob, resembling that of a cell, going around eating other smaller blobs, allowing the blobs to grow in size as they eat other blobs, it also represents a somewhat scientifically accurate explanation on growth and development. Aside from that, with the amount of quick thinking and response that is required from us, this game does not just gives us something to do, but also something to improve our brain with! However, with just colors roaming around and eating each other, at some point, it can lose its charm and might even end up being boring. Then, of course, that will not happen!

Aside from big, and colorful blobs that roam around while they are dodging larger dots as they are eating other smaller dots, also offers skins. Now this is development. Just imagine, there is a finite set of colors out there. No matter how many combination of colors we make, we can have a doppelganger or even a triple-ganger playing with us at the same time. Will that not be confusing? On top of that, with a million players opening their private servers and playing every now and then, it is quite difficult to see where you are and most especially, where you are heading to or who you are heading to. But with agario.skins, we can now be truly infinte. Instead of just giant colorful blobs chasing one another, we are now given the option to be a country, an iconic secret agent (Yeah baby!), a historical figure, a state, an intergalactic rock, a cute penguin, the eye of Sauron,Fin or Jake, a mythical creature, a beloved Simpson, the 9gag, and many more! Now we can see the eye of Sauron taking over Neptune. Or maybe Homer Simpson taking over the world! Now that is exciting.

With many options that is offering, it is very easy to spot our own blob while we think of our next move. With this new option, it is also very easy to spot our next target. skins are regularly updated, so, you can be sure that there are only a few to no doubles or copies of your blob out there. We can now enjoy as an individual, as a nation, as an inconic character, as an imaginary being, or even as another world taking over other worlds and not just as a blob dominating over other blobs. So let’s play! Are you game?