Named as one of the most popular mobile games in 2015, Agario continues to be a favourite among players up to this day. The game’s goal is simple: be the biggest blob in the game by consuming other blobs. Easy, right?

Not exactly. My problem in playing is that all the blobs look alike. Sure, my blob could have a different color, but it can be very difficult to keep track which one is mine if I’m moving so fast, or if I split myself into smaller parts. This shouldn’t be a real trouble if you play only on agario private server with a couple of your friends, but not so on the worldwide server!

Did you know that you could be playing against hundreds of different players at any given time if you play on a public server? Imagine if you were trying to execute the split and attack move and then another player with the same color comes near – you might think this blob was yours, and ignore it, only to realize that one of your blobs has already been eaten. The agony, the pain!

This is why I highly recommend the use of Agario skins. With just a glance, you can spot your blobs with no trouble. You can even keep track of them from the corner of your eye!

I know hundreds of players use the split tool as a strategy. You can split fire half of your mass and devour a smaller blob travelling at high speed. You can also use it to flee from much larger opponents. It is a useful tool, but also a risky one. Because splitting divides your blob into two, it makes you vulnerable to bigger cells. Moreover, you don’t merge immediately after a split, so you need to know where all your blobs are until your pieces merge back again. This is where agario skins are most useful. By making your blob stand out, you can eat twice as many blobs, and still keep your defence. You can choose to put your parts nearby each other, or move farther away to get the most number of food you can, without worrying of getting lost in the crowd.

Another thing I like about Agario skins is that it adds bling to an otherwise bland game interface. I love seeing my eight ball moving around the game, devouring small red, blue, yellow and pink dots, making me feel a sense of accomplishment every time I add to my mass. The skins really help me really relate to the game, hence heightening my excitement.

Perhaps the best part about agario skins is that there are so many different designs to choose from! In a way, the skins allow you to express yourself. Whatever your other interests are, you can easily show it through the skins! Some people choose to make their own skins (there are dozens of guides online on how to do this), but if you’re like me who simply wants to be unique, then there you’ll probably be able to find a built-in skin that’ll fit your needs.