, this simple yet addictive game has grabbed the attention of every social media addict. Its addiction is growing more and more with days passing, and players always try to beat each other and show off their cool skills, though, you can hardly get bored of it, but, to make it more exciting also give options to customise the skin of your blob. You can choose from a variety of available skins.

Skins in the game change the background of your blob to a specific image, depending on which skin you choose. To use a skin on Agario, you should include the name of your blob to a specific expression before you enter and play the game. For the individuals who don’t wish to use a plain shading blob while playing, you can use a skin. Skins add character to your blob, and keep the game interesting. skins have no effect on your diversion play, albeit a few players in the game may particularly target players with a specific skin.

Remember that you won’t be able to use a custom name while playing the game if you choose to use a skin name. If you play on an private server, it might likewise have skins on it, however they are not official.

Here’s an example of an skin:

If you want to use the skin earth, then you will need to name your character “earth”, and your in-game character will look like this:

Using skins is a fair way to show your support for a certain cause or a particular personality or your own country. The queen and the British flag are quite popular in the United Kingdom, while the Trump skin rules the roost in the US. Other popular options that you can go for are your favourite soccer teams and celebrities.

There are also ways to make your own customised skins. There are numerous sites available on the web which allow you to make your own customised skin while playing Agario, and they are just a Google search away. On a private server, you can customise your blobs’ skin in more convenient ways.

Some people may like to use skins while playing the game because of the way they look, but others may not use a skin in order to use their own name. So, it’s up to you! Happy Agarioing!!