Some Agario Tactics to Score High


Everyone is fond of agario and most of us want to win the game agario but doesn’t able to beat our rivals. Don’t worry we have brought some agario tactics that surely help you to beat others and you able to score high in agario. Some agario tactics are as follows-


Trick split-This tactics is usually used by team’s .Find a blob that your team person can’t able to eat that blob with a single split. Split your blob multiples times as your team person split to eat that blob. But you need to be careful on applying these tricks because better player can changed the situation and gain the mass.

Pop split- Follow the blob that is lower than your mass and try to get that blob close to virus. This trick not always works, but on the other hand it works you will get lot of mass and you able to score high.

Magic Cell- These types of tricks require team as you can say four players feed them around same masses. Find the blob and act as you are AFK and then ask your team person to split to eat up that blob. But be careful not use this tactics when your blob has mass of 10000.

Hit Split- This tactics is little bit complicated. In this types of split try to split your blob once or ask your team mates to do so and then find rivals. Make your blob split once and your teammates split multiples time on you same as trick split. As we already told it is complicated experience player can eat your blob when your team mates fumble.

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