Rush Mode: A Rapid Burst of Competitive Agario Game Play


Rush Mode provides a rapid burst of competitive agario play. Best for those who loves the game but don’t have enough time for longer session of gameplay. Each player last for five minutes and about 50 to 80 players fight to become biggest cell at the end of game to score high in the leader board.

In rush mode a cell has five minutes maximum to grow big as much as they can. Individual spawn rush mode boosts are feasible for 10 coins (+20 mass) or 20 coins (+40 mass).Viruses are red in colour and desire only 3 ejected mass cell to generate a new one. Cell mass is displayed in decimal number, differ from other game modes. At the end of match, the leader board displays the top 10 scorer.

Due to short span of time of this mode insists players to apply aggressive strategies during gameplay. Every player perform best strategies to win that’s makes rush mode more competitive and exciting for players. This mode is available only for mobile not for browser.


But later there are some changes is done in this mode are shown below-

1- Cell masses are shown in whole number in place of decimal number.

2- Player can collect more XP in updated version

3- Several Keys changes in new update, we can see now more keys in this mode.

4- Game field size is reduced in comparisons to older version.