We have got a new feature to the mobile version of Agar.io that gives players a new way to earn points. Potions offer a new inspiring layer to Agar.io in many ways for to gamers to enjoy the Agar.io game.

What are Potions?

Potions are vessel of secrecy prizes, and you won’t know what is inside the box until you open it. They contain all kinds of decent prizes, like coin, trophy etc.

Potions Types

There are two types of potions first one is Free Potions which can be earned during the game played. These can be set to start to develop as soon as you get them, and once developed, you are able to open potion and watch it what is inside it. You will get many free potions just by login the game and by playing every day. Other potion is Premium Potions; you have to pay some money to get them. Premium potions carry more items in comparison to free. Potions are available on the mobile version of Agar.io! Download the game now on Android devices and iOS devices.

Exclusive Skins Types

Exclusive skins are of two types, one is regular one and other is special one. Regular skins need 5 pieces to complete, while a special skin requires 10 to complete. Try to collect all the pieces and the skin is yours.