Know Everything About Agario Experimental Mode-Agario game has various modes and one of them is Experimental Mode. This mode is not much exciting as rush mode and party mode but decent for who loves test the game features. The main differences that separate it from other modes that it is not regular mode. It is used for testing updates and new game features. The main aim of this mode is to let game players to test its new features and updates. Players will face some usual mechanics while playing in this mode. This mode was added in the game in June 2015.Initially there was huge mother cell in the middle of experimental map. Later huge mother cell is replaced with some small mother cells in experimental mode.

Experimental mode is differ from other agario mode such as rush and party mode etc. in many ways. One of the major difference is modes other than experimental mode viruses are static i.e. viruses can’t move here and there. Players can eject there blob mass on virus by hitting W key and after seven shots virus produced another virus but remained in his place it doesn’t moves. But in experimental modes when we hit W it’s moves but can’t split and doesn’t grow. If your blob gets attacks by other players you can throw the viruses to them and virus can move in other direction this can makes simpler to counter attacks.

The other difference in experimental mode and other modes is Mother Cells. These Cells is very useful because they produce 10% of food. These cells produce pellets and you can feed that pellets. Mother cell attracts small blobs near them. You can feed small blobs if your blob is bigger than those blobs.

In Agario Experimental Mode you will observe…

–  Some of viruses (i.e. 5% to 6%) are large and dark in colour.

–  Mother Cell is present in centre of experimental map. These cells produce 10% of food.