How to insert own skins in or Agario game?

Alas, there is no probability to integrate complete custom skins in Agario. You can submit your own creative presentation at reddit and so give developer an stimulus to insert your own skin in the agario game. Thus, the image can be place in the agario game; some conditions must be followed-

  • The image of the skins must (compulsory) have 512 pixels x 512 pixels in size.
  • The image should be hand drawn and follows the already available agario skins.
  • Select a proper name.
  • The skins should image on are hosted.
  • Beseech will not help.

On the other hand, some agario game extension like “” will permits you to place your own skins in agario game. But the problem with it is that only others people with that extension installed (agariomod extension) can see it.