Normal tips

  • Do not try to “w” viruses. It is hardly worth it. In spite of, abuse people being splitted by it.
  • When being 200+ cells you can waste some “w” to try making coadjutor. If you have a skin, it is often with people with the same skin that it will work. If the other person gives it back to you, you help each other. The more useful is when you are split by a virus you can suicide little pieces to your partner and he/she will hopefully give it back to you after.


  • How to start?

    • Keep focus on the dots.
    • You will often die when you are little; try to obtain a reasonable size before splitting for other cells with space.


    What about the mid game?

    You are now at 250-300 here are some tips:

    • If you have your blob in one piece try to catch little blob with space to be fed faster.
    • Try not to have more than two blob, you will be way more unsafe.
    • The most likely way to become big is to eat big cell that got split too much. A little tip which help you a lot when you get trapped by one bigger cell near the border is to fake going in one direction for 0.5s then going in the other way. The bigger cell is slower in comparison to your blob. You need to take benefit of it.


    When you are in the peak?

    • Frequently you will press space when there are a group of mid-size blob fighting to destroy a bigger cell.
    • Really be careful with the viruses, they are your worst enemy. If you get hit by one, try to safe little pieces with the big ones.