Why Should You Buy An Agario Skin?

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on the worldwide server, or your own agario private server, if your goal is to top the leaderboard, then you should seriously consider buying your very own, custom made agario skins.With hundreds (if not thousands) of free agario skins on the internet, you’ll probably ask why would anyone in their right mind pay for a custom skin? This is no surprise because I, too, had that same response when a friend, whom I consider as a master agario player gave me this tip. I told him, “just search in Google, you’ll find the thousands of skins for Agario, it’s so easy, and it’s free!” What he said next knocked me back to my senses, “if you can find those skins as easy as a press of a button, others can, too. And if they can find it, then they can use it”.

Do you know?

How many people are playing agario online? As of last estimate, there are about 10 million players of the game – so many that the developers had to limit players per server in order to limit bandwidth usage and congestion. Now, I don’t think there are 10 million different agario skins available online. There is a big chance that in a single server, there would be one or two people who are using the same skin.In fact, this is very likely, I know, I have experienced it myself. I remember it clearly. I roaming agario as Earth, I was 5th on the leaderboard and was having the time of my life. I bigger blob was running after me, and since I have become so sluggish because of my huge size, I was having a hard time running away. Another huge blob is blocking my path of exit, and so I have decided to split myself into two so I can gain speed, and what do you know, there are now three earths on the board, and I don’t know which two was mine. Needless to say, I got eaten and my room was in a mess minutes after.I’m sure you can imagine how frustrated I was with what happened. In fact, just remembering that day, I still feel the urge to throw things around just to get the frustration out of my system.

But then again, there’s no one else to blame but myself – if only I purchased a custom agario skins when my friend, the master player told me to. Because a lot of people are like me, they are likely to use the free resources online, very few would actually spend money on skins. Hence, it also means that there are very few people who will use the skin I have chosen. Or one can go a level higher – you can pay a designer to create a skin, just for you!.I can say I’m a moderately good player of agario, hence, I purchased a moderately expensive skin – around 1190 to 2950 worth of coins. I am now star ball in all the games – a rare skin that so far, I haven’t met anyone who used it. When I reach the leaderboard five times, I think I’ll switch to a more pricey (and hence, more rare) skin, and then perhaps in a few months, I’ll be having my very own design! Who knows? With agario skins, there are so many possibilities.