I used to play agario with a beautiful green blob. I remember how happy I was when I finally made it to number 5, after weeks and weeks of practice on my PC.  But those days are long gone. Today, I roam the agario board either as a cute and cuddly panda or a gangly pirate captain. Thanks to my adorable agario skins, players avoid me, because they want to see me grow into the beautiful skin that I am, or I am too scary and they feel overwhelmed. Whichever reason it is, I can say for certain that my skins help me reach my fullest potential every time I play.

From a rather drab interface, agario skins have transformed the game. Now my goal is not just to win the game, it has become: how big can I grow? As I eat more blobs, my skin is magnified, hence allowing me to see new features, new details in the skin I have chosen. My panda eye bags really stand out once I am in mid-game. From an adorable bear in the early stages, I become overwhelming in the late stages, and I just love the power it gives me. Whoever said form doesn’t matter, is seriously mistaken when it comes to the world of agario.


Skins help me feel even more connected with the game, hence ensuring that I come back again and again to play. In the same way, I get to know other players through their agario skins. See that Neptune skin?

That’s my friend Gabie from a few blocks away. We always play at the same time so we can team up and grow quicker. And oh, that huge Panther? That’s Mike, who helps us really solidify our defenceagainst bigger players. Through these skins, I know who’s playing on the boards, and we get to create our strategies without needing to talk. Cool huh?

If you, too, want to take advantage of agario skins there are several ways to do so. If you want to use the game’s built in skin, just change your name into the skin name, and your blob changes! For example, there’s 2ch.hk to get the free lightning skin, or the name of your country to use your country’s flag. Some skin developers might ask you to install a browser extension before you can use their designs. But don’t worry, installation is so easy, you won’t break into sweat! Take note however, if you’re using the iOS version, some skins don’t work yet, but I’m sure these concerns will be fixed soon. At present Agario skins can be categorized into four: planets and objects from space, flags of countries, logos of websites and other themes. You can choose a different skin before you start a game, and the best part of it is that, it comes free! Reviews say that the most popular skin to date is Facebook, but really, with dozens of games being launched and millions of players on board, who can say for sure? What’s important is that with agario skins, you can now be unique and stand out from the crowd!