Agario is one of the famous online games on the internet; there are millions of lovers of agario. Some of agario facts you might not know in this blog we will tell you about those facts. Some of agario facts are as follows-



1- You can Pop Dead Cells and Develop an Grand Circle Eruption

Everybody knows how saddening it is to get unconnected from the internet while playing the game. On that case, you automatically removed from leader board and your blob is noted as dead cell, as we know that dead cell is non-moving and can be fed by bigger cell. Now the best part is you can pop dead cell by charging a virus towards it, the dead cell will then storm into a huge ring of many small cells.

2- Maximum Mass for a cell is 22500

Maximum mass of cell in agario is 22500, gaining mass above this mass you cell got split in two parts automatically and your cell will never combine when your cell have mass above 22500,your cell combines only when you are less than 22500.

3- There is 50 per cent chance for cells to spawn on objects

In your mind questions arises that cells random spawn everywhere in the map, but the fact is that there is 50 per cent chances for cells to spawn on ejected “W” blob, newly generated cells are so small to eat blobs and they not able to gain any mass from them. Despite the blobs will still fade.