Game Controls

Expansion -The player cell takes place after the player cursor. On the off-chance that the player breaks their blob into various cells, all cells will in any case move toward cursor. Since the player cells can vary in mass, and smaller cells move faster, the player will make separation between their cells in the event that they position their cursor before a smaller cell. Part cells will be drawn simultaneously if the player cursor is set in the middle of them.

Break – By pressing the space bar the player can break their cell into two smaller cells. One cell will remain break cell and the other will extend towards the cursor.

Blitz – The player may launch mass by pressing ”W” key. This can be utilized to sustain infections, united cells, or you can even inspire yourself in case you are part into different cells. Just 89.5% of the mass lost is resist, making efficient assistance additionally difficult as mass trades are disorganized.

Zooming in – By looking up (mywheelup) the camera will zoom in.

Change Settings – During the game play, hit “Escape” button. By hitting “esc” you are able to customize your game settings.