Memorize Location of Viruses: Try to remember in what location viruses are present so you can hide your blob around them.

Reproducing Area: Keep focus on feeding dots and detect where they reproduce mostly. With chance your blob will be big and fast enough to fed smaller blobs that reproduce in the same spot, as they just arrive in agario game. The agario game usually makes player appear far enough from others so they have time to move.

Pay Attentions On Other Players: Now pay attention on the other players present around you. Let’s say you are at 200 mass, if they are about half bigger than you, do not split. That’s what they were waiting for. Your small blob will make you defenceless and they will try to feed you.


Stealing Dots: Small blob is faster than in comparison to bigger blob. Take that advantage by going in front of bigger blob and try to steal the dots that he was thinking of to be fed. In those circumstances he won’t have any chance of getting big enough to feed you. Please don’t do that if he can feed you.

Important Tip: Last but not the least tip about being small “Do Not Follow”. All you are doing is taking a risk of being feed. It is pleasing to feed multiple players, even though it not worth it.You are being a oppressor, might be making an enemy there and the one in front is stealing dots, while you are get nothing at all. If you are the one leading, do follow them while being in front. Observe your mass to see whether you are big enough to feed your victim. If you are not so big leave it. This tip does not work once you cross over 200 mass.