A Newbie’s Introduction To Agar.io

If you like scrolling through your newsfeed in your free time, chances are you’ve already heard of this extensively popularity gaining game Agar.io. It is probably one of the simplest and most addictive time-killing game on the internet right now and is available on Android, iOS and even on the web. All you have to do is visit Agar.io, choose your nickname and start playing! If you haven’t yet played it, and don’t know how to start, well, don’t worry, we’ll have you covered!

What is Agar.io?

As mentioned above, Agar.io is a fairly simple, free, time-killing browser based game which can be found at http://agar.io. The game was created by a Steam user and has gained popularity majorly through word-of-mouth on social media grabbing the attention of many bigger communities. It was later on launched by Miniclip for Androids and iPhones.

How to play Agar.io?

Agar.io Skins

Agar.io Skins

So playing Agar.io is genuinely basic. You go to the web address Agar.io and select a nick name. When you select one you will arrive on a grid or board as a tiny colored blob. The object of the game is to consume the smaller pellets lying around to wind up distinctly bigger, while staying away from the extensive blobs that, on the off chance that they ingest you, GAME OVER!

When you begin getting sufficiently enormous you’ll really have the capacity to begin retaining other littler blob players out there all the time becoming bigger. So basically, eat and abstain from being eaten. The notorious rat race at its finest!

To control the diversion you simply need to utilize your mouse/track pad, the “w” key and the SPACEBAR. The mouse explores your blob around and the SPACEBAR permits you to part your cell(s) fifty-fifty and the “W” key permits you to launch mass for encouraging different players, infections or help you drop some weight to escape an intense detect (the smaller your blob is, the speedier it can move!)

Pro Tips

  1. Go for multi kills:

    Going for multi kills is the most ideal approach with regard to gainful agar.io splits. Simply sit tight for numerous cells to line up and strike at the correct time to get the most benefit from your splits, splitting yourself various times may be valuable in a few circumstances, however once again… Be safe!

  2.  Don’t underestimate other players:

    You may think you are great at agar.io, yet you’re certainly not by any means the only agar master around. It is therefore important to not underestimate your rivals, despite the fact that you have what it takes, your opponent may simply be as skilled at agar.io as you may be.

  3. Prepare for long games:

    Lastly you ought to get ready for the long agar.io games. A  single game can take up numerous hours, especially in case you’re an agar master. So, be prepared, be safe.