The brainchild of Matheus Valadares has become the most popular online game since its birth. The is an action game. It requires multiple players to be present on a map-like platform. The agar is a substance that is necessary to culture bacteria. Hence, on the Petri-Dish of you will become a tiny blob of bacterium trying to avoid fierce attacks of bigger blobs. This Internet game allows you to dress in multiple Agario skins. You need to follow some basic rules to play this game on any browser, Android-based phone or iPhone.


You need to type in the web address ‘’ to access the official website. It is easy to access it through Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • You need to choose a user-name before its starts. You will land on a gridded platform after logging in.
  • A tiny blob will declare your presence. You will also find other players as blobs of different sizes and appearances.
  • You may choose Agario skins to change your appearance before you start the game.

Basic Strategy game follows a simple strategy – keep eating and save yourself from being eaten.

  • You will notice the size of your blob to increase with the ingestion of small pellets. You will find these pellets to be scattered around the platform.
  • You also need to use the mouse to escape the attacks of bigger blobs. If any bigger blob swallows you, it will be a Game-Over.
  • You may also swallow the smaller blobs as you grow bigger; though, bigger blobs need to avoid viruses.

Virus Protection & Attacks

The Viruses present on the grids will protect you from the attacks of bigger blobs when you are small.

  • If a bigger blob is on hot pursuit, you need to take shelter behind a giant virus.
  • This friendly virus will become your enemy once you start getting bigger. One collision with the virus will split your blob in two smaller pieces and you will once again become a tiny blob.
  • You may also use the splitting power of virus to attack an opponent blob. You need to press the ‘W’ key seven times to shoot the virus toward this blob. You will witness your opponent to be split in half after the attack.

Speed Increment

The bigger size has its advantage and disadvantages. Your speed will slow down once you get gigantic.

  • At this stage, you need to plan a suicide attack. You need to collide with a virus and let it split you in half.
  • Your speed will increase immediately after this reduction.
  • You may start devouring the nearby smaller blogs and start increasing your points.


You need to choose an Agario private server to access the game through a browser. The loss of connection to this server is the worst thing that may happen to you during the game. You may lose your points. Some troubleshooting tips may help you save these points.

  • You should not close the tab at first. You need to refresh the browser to salvage the connection.
  • If the refreshing does not work, you need to connect to another website through a new tab.