How to Start Using on a Private Server

A Private server is a machine or virtual machine that is secretly administered. As servers need satisfactory web association, control and can be noisy, they are frequently situated in a collocation focus. Servers are accessible in the market as the same way laptops or desktops are accessible and can be acquired by individuals.

Ordinary desktop PCs are not appropriate to house in collocation focuses as servers have particular frame calculated that permits them to fit numerous servers into a standard rack. This gathering likewise incorporates hand crafted trial servers, made by specialists. Virtual servers additionally offer high level of opportunity, superuser access and minimal effort benefit.

The benefits of playing on a private server are that you can compete with your friends, you can ask them to join your private server and then play along with them.

There are a numerous ways to set up a private server for The simplest one is mentioned below.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

Download Ogario and Nodejs.

Ogario link:

Nodejs link:

Open CMD and type:
npm install ws

Then run Start.bat in the src folder.


Server command list

Addbot: Adds a cell to the server.
Example: Addbot

Board: Sets the scoreboard text .
Example: Board My server

Boardreset: Resets the scoreboard text.
Example: Boardreset

Change: Changes specified settings, usually the ip and/or port .

Example1: change ip
Example2: change port 00000

Clear: Clears the text in the console just like cls from batch coding.
Example: Clear

Color: Sets a cell’s color by their ID.
Example: color 1 4

Exit: Stops the server.
Example: exit

Food: Spawns food at the give coordinates.
Example: food 0 0

Gamemode: Changes the server game mode.
Example: gamemode 20

Kick: Kick a player or cell from the server by their ID.
Example: kick 1

Kill: Kills a cell by their ID.
Example: kill 1

Killall: Kills everyone on the server.
Example: killall

Mass: Sets a cells mass by their ID.
Example: mass 1 4000

Name: Changes a cell’s name by their ID.
Example: name 1 Bob

Playerlist: Displays a list of players and bots and their statuses on your server in the console.
Example: playerlist

Pause: Pause the game and freezes all cells on the server
Example: pause

Reload: Reloads the server config .
Example: reload

Status: Displays the server’s status in the console.
Example: status

Tp: Teleports a player or cell by their ID to the given coordinates.
Example: tp 1 0 0

Virus: Spawns a virus at the given coordinates.
Example: virus 0 0

Being on a private server gives you a chance to compete with your friends but if you want to brush up your skills, you should play on the public server. And once, you’re a pro, set up a private server and the challenge your friends to a game!