, the multiplayer action game, has ruled the world of Internet games since its birth. On this game, you will play as a cell on a Petri-dish. You will be able to eat smaller cells; though, you also need to save yourself from bigger cells. These cells will try to eat you. You need excellent hand–eye coordination and quick reaction time to stay alive on You need to connect to an Agario private server to start playing this game with exciting features.

This may not be an English-based server; its unique features have made it popular amongst the players.

  • This server has smaller map size. On this map, you will be able to move at a jet-speed. You will also be able to increase your split-speed. These features will let you become a pro at
  • Its gaming arena may be smaller. You will face fierce competition on its compact map. It will be a thrilling experience for you to play on this server with cut-throat rivalries.
  • It is difficult to build a team on this smaller server; though, you may find a team at number one and two.
  • You may find other servers to be extremely slow after playing at high-speed on this server. You may win easily on other servers at 25% slower speed and broader mapping.
  • The Game Modes on this server are – Rainbow, Fantasy, Global 18+, Normal, Zombie, Chat and Team.

You will also enjoy rapidity and long list of unique features on this private server. Lots of gamers access this server due to its unique game modes. Hence, team-building is easier on this server.

  • The speed and game modes are not the only appreciable qualities of On this server, you will also find clans with customized Agario skins. These strikingly designed skins will turn your experience delightful when you are playing
  • You will not only be able to access a large list of cool skins. This website will also let you design your personal skin with donations. You will be able to run around in your favorite virtual attire.
  • This server will let you choose games from an extended list of interesting game modes. There is FFA for normal mode along with basic Experimental and Team modes. The unique modes are – Clanhouse, Hardcore, Hardcore experimental, Megasplit, Fast Food, Arena, Fatboy Arena, Deathmatch, Zombie, Black Hole, Virus Wars and Crazy FFA.

The two aforementioned servers are Turk and Russian based servers. On this Agario private server, you will find lots of English support.

  • You will find several gamers to access this server regularly. Hence, team building is easier on
  • The fantasy server of is more interesting and exciting than its normal mode. On the fantasy mode, you will be able to combine your speed and increase the number of splits.
  • Its only drawback is a large number of ads. These ads may seem irksome during your game.
  • Its chief Game Modes are – Fantasy, Rainbow, Normal, Experimental, Zombie, Chat and 18+.